Prices stay at Guest House 'Seaside Breeze'.

Period Price
month of June 10-13 euro for person
month of July 13-20 euro for person
month August 13-20 euro for person
month of September 10-13 euro for person

Guest house "Seaside Breeze" has double and triple rooms. The higher price is for room with kitchenette.

Due to frequent requests, we will mention that the double rooms are not appropriate and not attributable to three guests (family with one child, for example).


room with kithcen


Mariana Antonova
0889 791906 (+359)
Bulgaria, 8180 city of Primorsko, street "Luljak" 7а

Bank account:


Our concern is to provide all vacationers calm and untroubled rest in Primorsko - one of the best and popular resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

We strive to provide comfort and relaxation to start the day with a smile...

Visit us and spend an unforgettable summer!

Hosts - Mariana and Dimitar Antonov